Your Helping Hand- Review & Reconcile Package

You are relatively new on your path to Boutique Greatness! But, it’s already busy & growing and you are finding your time spread thin. You can do many of the financial tasks that are necessary behind the scenes, but you are always worried that you might be making a mistake somewhere. And, even the mention of the IRS makes you feel a bit queasy. If you just had someone to double check your facts and figures, and bounce some questions off?! This program is good for those who have a bookkeeping system in place or as a follow up to the Guiding Hand program!

A Helping Hand Includes:

  • QuickBooks Platform (Online or Desktop)
  • Customized Dashboard with Your Weekly Sales Summary and ALL the Numbers that are Key for YOUR Boutique & instruction on how to use it
  • Monthly or Bi-weekly Review & Reconcile of your Books & Accounts
  • Monthly & Quarterly Financial Reports
  • Assistance in setting up your Tax Filing Accounts incl. State/Local Sales Tax & Estimated Quarterlies
  • IRS Compliance Checkups
  • Discounted Tax Preparation
  • 2 Hours of Strategic Planning & Budgeting  including Developing an Inventory Buying Plan, Evaluating Expenses & Deductions, and Maximizing your Profits
  • Unlimited Access to Me by Email
  • 1 Hour Review Call Monthly         
Investment Starts at $450