Bookkeeping & Profit First For Boutique Owners

Are you overwhelmed by the financial side of your boutique business and wonder if you’re even profitable?
I can help you understand your finances and manage your money so you can propel your business to profitability like never before!

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We Offer A Variety Of Service Packages Suited For Your Bookkeeping Needs

Our Packages

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Your Right Hand

A Guiding Hand

You are relatively new on your path to Boutique Greatness! But, it’s already busy & growing and you are finding your time spread thin. You can do many of the financial tasks that are necessary behind the scenes, but you are always worried that you might be making a mistake somewhere. And, even the mention of the IRS makes you feel a bit queasy. If you just had someone to double check your facts and figures, and bounce some questions off?!

Your boutique is established and busy! It's grown so quickly you have hardly been able to keep up. You keep thinking you will get to the financial stuff later, but later never comes. So you end up with a pile of receipts and invoices, bank balances you check daily just to see where to pay bills from, and maybe even some capital loans because you had no idea how much you could afford to spend on inventory! All of this has left you feeling overwhelmed frustrated because you don't even know if all of this work your doing is even getting you anywhere!

Whether you are just getting your boutique started or you’ve been at it for years…. you realize that it’s time to make a change in your bookkeeping & finances. You want to be involved in your own books but notebooks and shoeboxes aren’t cutting it anymore. But, you barely have time to keep up as it is, never mind trying to figure out something as confusing or intimidating as QuickBooks.  If only there were a guide that could walk you through it all so you could really understand…